ak lighting

AK Lighting specializes in custom lighting design for your home. They offer personalized service and are an authorized Gemstone Lights dealer. Their products are a cool white in color and give your home a fresh, energized feel. Their products are energy efficient and provide your home with an overall sense of well-being. Mojlife

Lights in this range are a cool white in color

Lights in this color temperature range are cool and crisp, giving off a clean feeling. They are perfect for work spaces, restaurants, and garages. In addition, they are a more comfortable color for customers and employees. They are also suitable for industrial and commercial settings. However, these types of lights are not ideal for every room in the house.

This type of light has a cool-white hue. Unlike warm white, cool whites are slightly bluish. They don’t work well with brick or wood, but they can be used well in rooms that have neutral colors.