DIY Gold Melting at Home: A Beginner’s Guide


By melting gold at home, you can transform old jewelry or scrap metal into new pieces with a unique twist. It may seem intimidating to work with molten gold, but with the right equipment and safety precautions, anyone can learn to do it safely in the comfort of their own home. In this beginner’s guide, we will go over everything you need to know to start melting gold at home and turn it into something beautiful.

Materials Needed

To melt gold at home, you will need the following materials:

  • A metal melting furnace or kiln
  • Crucible
  • Tongs
  • Protective clothing (heat-resistant gloves and apron)
  • Gold scraps or old jewelry
  • Borax or flux
  • Graphite stirring rod

Choosing the Right Melting Furnace

When it comes to melting gold, you need a furnace that can get hot enough to melt the metal. There are several types of furnaces you can use for this purpose:

  1. Electric furnaces: These are easy to use and can reach temperatures up to 2,300°F. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used for melting small amounts of gold or larger volumes.
  2. Propane furnaces: These furnaces use propane gas as fuel and can reach temperatures up to 2,500°F. They are more portable than electric furnaces and are good for melting larger volumes of gold.
  3. Induction furnaces: These are the most advanced and expensive option, but they can reach temperatures up to 3,500°F and can melt gold in seconds. They are best for professional use or large-scale melting.

Preparing the Crucible

The crucible is a container that holds the gold as it melts. It needs to be made of a heat-resistant material like graphite, silicon carbide or clay. It is important to properly prepare the crucible before adding the gold scraps.

First, you need to preheat the crucible in the furnace to dry any moisture that may be present. This will prevent the crucible from cracking when it is heated to high temperatures. Once it is dried, you can add a small amount of borax or flux to the crucible. This helps protect the metal from oxidation and helps it flow better when melted.

Melting the Gold

Now it’s time to melt the gold. Make sure to wear your protective clothing and use the tongs to handle the crucible. Once the crucible is in the furnace, turn on the heat and wait for the gold to melt.

As the gold melts, it will form a shiny, blood-orange liquid. Be careful not to overheat the gold, as this can cause it to boil and splatter out of the crucible. Once the gold is completely melted, use a graphite stirring rod to stir in the borax or flux. This will help remove any impurities and help the gold flow more smoothly.

Casting the Gold

Once the gold is molten and stirred, it’s time to cast it into the desired shape. You can use a mold made of heat-resistant materials like ceramic or steel to make the gold into jewelry or other decorative objects. Allow the gold to cool and solidify before removing it from the mold.

Safety Precautions

Melting gold can be dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken seriously. Here are some important tips to remember:

  • Always wear heat-resistant gloves and an apron to protect yourself from heat and splashing molten gold.
  • Never leave the furnace unattended while it is on.
  • Make sure the area around the furnace is free of flammable materials.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case of an accident.


Melting gold at home can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but safety should always come first. With the right equipment and safety precautions, anyone can learn how to melt gold and turn it into something beautiful. Remember to take your time and be patient, and soon you’ll have a new piece of jewelry or home decor made from melted gold.

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