Flos Wire Light: Illuminating Your Space with Timeless Elegance

The Story of Flos Wire Light

Flos Wire Light is a lighting fixture designed by the renowned Italian designer Achille Castiglioni in the 1970s.

Castiglioni was known for his minimalist designs that were functional, stylish, and durable. He believed that good design should be simple, functional, and enhance its surroundings. With that philosophy in mind, he created the Flos Wire Light.

The Flos Wire Light is a pendant lamp that can be suspended from the ceiling or used as a table light, providing ambient lighting that is warm, welcoming, and elegant.

The Design of Flos Wire Light

The Flos Wire Light is made of a steel wire frame that forms a cone shape, with a soft diffuser made of opal glass that spreads the light evenly throughout the room. Its minimalist design allows it to blend seamlessly with any décor, and its clean lines and simple shape make it timeless.

The Flos Wire Light comes in two sizes: the larger size is suitable for use as a pendant lamp, while the smaller size can be used as a table light or a bedside lamp. The lamp is available in three finishes: black, white, and chrome. The black and white finishes create a sleek, modern look, while the chrome finish adds a touch of elegance.

The Functionality of Flos Wire Light

The Flos Wire Light is not only stylish but also highly functional. Its opal glass diffuser provides a warm and diffused light that creates a welcoming atmosphere. The adjustable cable allows it to be hung at different heights, making it ideal for use over dining tables, kitchen islands, or in living rooms.

Additionally, the Flos Wire Light is easy to install and maintain. The lamp comes with a 3-meter cable and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The diffuser can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

The Influence of Flos Wire Light

The Flos Wire Light has become an iconic piece of lighting design and has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. Its simple and elegant design has inspired many designers and has influenced the way we approach lighting design today.

The Flos Wire Light is a testament to the power of good design. Its timeless elegance and functionality have made it a favorite of designers and homeowners alike. It is a piece of lighting design that will always be relevant, no matter where or how it is used.


The Flos Wire Light is a true classic of lighting design. Its minimalist design, warm light, and functionality make it a versatile and elegant addition to any space. Whether used a pendant light or a table lamp, the Flos Wire Light will always provide an element of sophistication and style to any room it is placed in.

As Achille Castiglioni once said, “Good design is a matter of intelligence, not price.” The Flos Wire Light is the perfect example of this philosophy. Its simple and intelligent design has made it a piece of lighting design that will always be relevant and timeless.

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