TMB Lighting: Illuminating the Way for Unparalleled Event Production


TMB Lighting is a leading provider of stage lighting solutions for the entertainment industry. Founded in 1983, TMB has earned a reputation for excellence with its innovative and high-quality lighting products. In this article, we will explore the history of the company, its notable contributions to the industry, and the reasons behind its success.


TMB Lighting was founded by Colin Waters, who had previously worked in the lighting department of a major UK entertainment company. With years of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Waters sought to create a company that could provide comprehensive lighting solutions for events of all sizes.

The company began with a focus on lighting control systems, before expanding to include lighting fixtures, power distribution systems, and rigging equipment. Over the years, TMB has continued to innovate and develop new products, such as the ProPlex line of data distribution products and the Solaris LED lighting fixtures.

Contributions to the Industry

TMB Lighting has made several notable contributions to the entertainment industry. One of the most significant is the introduction of LED lighting fixtures, which have become a mainstay of modern stage lighting. TMB was one of the first companies to develop LED lighting for use in entertainment, and its Solaris line of fixtures has won numerous awards for its innovative design and performance.

In addition to LED lighting, TMB has also pioneered the use of wireless and remote control technology in lighting systems. This has allowed lighting designers and technicians to have greater control over their lighting setups, leading to more dynamic and engaging performances.

Reasons for Success

TMB Lighting’s success can be attributed to several factors. One is its commitment to innovation and product development. The company has always been at the forefront of new lighting technologies, and this has allowed it to stay ahead of the competition.

Another key factor is TMB’s dedication to customer service. The company has a reputation for providing excellent support to its customers, which has earned it a loyal following within the industry. TMB’s staff are knowledgeable and experienced, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their customers are satisfied.

Finally, TMB has been successful because of its ability to adapt to changing market conditions. The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and TMB has been able to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and responding to industry trends.

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