Unleashing the Artistry of Light: Exploring the world of Lasvit Design

The history of Lasvit Design

Lasvit Design is a luxury Czech lighting and glass manufacturer founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič. The brand name “Lasvit” derives from the Czech word “láska,” which means “love.” At the beginning of Lasvit Design’s journey, the company focused on chandeliers, lighting installations, and art installations. However, over the years, Lasvit has expanded its product range to include furniture, home accessories, jewelry, scents, and other luxury items.

Design philosophy and approach

Lasvit Design has always been known for its innovative design philosophy and approach. The brand draws inspiration from various forms of art, culture, and nature. The design team, which comprises more than 200 designers from all around the world, works closely with clients to create custom-made lighting installations that reflect their unique style and personality.

The “Never-ending Glory” Collection

One of Lasvit Design’s most famous collections is the “Never-ending Glory” collection, which was launched in 2013 as a tribute to the Olympic Games. In collaboration with the Czech Olympic Committee, Lasvit Design created crystal chandeliers based on the design of medals won by Czech athletes, including Jarmila Kratochvílová, Emil Zátopek, and Jan Železný.

The “Monster Cabaret” Collection

In 2014, Lasvit Design collaborated with designer Marcel Wanders to create the “Monster Cabaret” collection. The collection features chandeliers in the shape of monstrous creatures, such as a giant spider, a sea monster, and a dragon. The collection is intended to bring a sense of wonder and playfulness to interior design.

Innovation meets sustainability

Lasvit Design places a high value on sustainability and ethical practices. The company uses only high-quality materials, such as Bohemian crystal, Murano glass, and hand-blown glass. Lasvit also collaborates with local artisans and craftsmen to ensure that the production process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Crystal Garden” Installation

The “Crystal Garden” installation, created by Czech artist Rony Plesl in collaboration with Lasvit Design, is an excellent example of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The installation was made from recycled glass bottles collected by Lasvit Design’s employees. The installation has over 800 crystals arranged in a way that mimics the natural growth of a garden.

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