What to Look for in a Chair for a Ground Blind

chair ground blind

A ground blind is a great option for hunters who want to take advantage of the natural habitats where they hunt. They are light, easy to set up and put away, and offer a unique way to view game without using a ladder stand or elevated tree stand.

What to Look for in a Chair

When shopping for a chair for your ground blind, consider the size and weight of your hunter’s body. This will affect whether you need a small, portable chair or one that can be carried easily and is larger in size for a larger hunter.

If you’re a walk-n-gun hunter who often moves between different blinds, a chair that is lightweight and compact can make it easier to carry to your hunting spot. On the other hand, if you’re more of a stationary hunter who will only need to move the blind once or twice during a day, a heavy-duty chair can be more comfortable and durable.

Regardless of your hunting style, you’ll want a chair that is comfortable to sit in and allows you to take in your surroundings while staying on-balance. Having a 360-degree swivel seat and adjustable legs is important to keep you in the right position for taking your shot.

Choose a chair made from a material that is UV and water resistant. These materials are more suited for use when the chair will be exposed to moisture from rain or snow.

For a more comfortable, insulated seat, consider a chair made from a padded, foam-filled fabric. The insulating properties will help keep you warm in the colder months or during long treks through the woods.

It’s also a good idea to look for a seat that can be folded up for storage or transporting. This is especially important if you’re carrying the chair from place to place, as it will be more convenient than having to unpack the chair each time you go to a new location.

Another consideration is how much room you need for a weapon, arrows, bolts, ammunition and other gear. Many ground blinds have places to put these items, but if not, it’s a good idea to look for a chair that can be easily moved around and adjusted to accommodate all of your gear.

The RC-009 Deluxe hunting chair from Rhino Blinds is a good option with a mesh seat, adjustable legs and swivel capability. It doesn’t fold down as well as some other chairs, but it’s a stable option that’s perfect for small blinds or adding a third person to a ground blind.

Having an adjustable swivel seat is also essential to keeping your balance and positioning in the blind. This feature can be a huge factor in getting a quality shot, no matter what kind of animal you’re hunting.

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