Melt into Elegance: The Stunning Beauty of the Melt Light Fixture

Lighting Yigo is an essential element in any space, whether it is the workplace, dining area or living room. It creates a mood, adds a decorative element and provides functional illumination. However, light fixtures have evolved from purely functional pieces to artistic statements that can transform a room. One such statement piece is the “Melt” light fixture, which has been garnering a lot of attention for its unique design.

What is the Melt Light Fixture?

The Melt light fixture is a creation of the British design company, Tom Dixon. The company has been renowned for its innovative designs since its creation in 2002. The Melt is a pendant light fixture that is made by blowing glass into a mould, creating a distorted shape that is reminiscent of a melting ice cube. The glass is then coated with a metallic finish that reflects light in a unique way. The Melt is available in several colours, including copper, gold, chrome, smoke and clear.

Design and Functionality

The Melt’s design is both simple and complex. The pendant light fixture is shaped like a distorted orb, which means it looks different from every angle. From a distance, it looks like a glowing orb, but up close, the metallic coating creates a mesmerising effect that makes it look like it’s melting. This effect is achieved by the reflection and refraction of light. The Melt is also functional, as the light is directed downwards, providing ample illumination, while also creating a mood.

Installation and Maintenance

The Melt is easy to install and can be placed in any setting where a pendant light fixture is suitable, such as a living room, dining area or bedroom. The light bulb is easily accessible, and replacement is straightforward. Maintenance is simple, as the Melt’s metallic finish can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and the glass can be washed with soap and water. As with any glass fixture, precautions should be taken to avoid breaking the glass.

Price and Availability

The Melt is not budget-friendly, as one might expect with a piece of art. The prices range from $490 to $2,705, depending on the size and colour. The Melt is available through Tom Dixon’s website or select lighting stores.

The Melt light fixture is a statement piece that can transform a room. Its unique design is both simple and complex, and its functionality adds value. Although it is expensive, it is a worthwhile investment for those looking to make a statement with their lighting choices. If you’re looking for a piece that will get people talking, the Melt is definitely worth considering.

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