The Illuminating World of The Conran Shop: A Spotlight on Contemporary Lighting Design


The Conran Shop has been at the forefront of contemporary design for over half a century, offering a carefully curated selection of furniture, homeware, and lighting. However, in recent years, the brand has put an increased emphasis on lighting, bringing to the forefront a new era of innovative and forward-thinking design.


In 1956, Terence Conran opened the very first Habitat shop in Chelsea, London. Habitat brought together a collection of modern designs that were accessible and affordable, a radical move at the time. Over the years, Conran expanded his design empire to include restaurants, hotels, and a multitude of other businesses.

In 1974, Conran opened The Conran Shop. It was designed to be a destination for high-end design, offering a selection of furniture, homeware, and lighting from some of the world’s most innovative designers. Since its inception, the shop has become a staple of the design world, offering a carefully curated selection of must-have items for the contemporary home.

The New Era of Lighting Design

In recent years, The Conran Shop has put an increased emphasis on lighting. It has become a central part of their offering, with a wide range of styles and designs for every space. The lighting collections at The Conran Shop are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

At the core of The Conran Shop’s lighting design philosophy is an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. The brand places a high value on the environment and only works with designers who share their values. This has led to some truly stunning pieces that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Innovative Designers

The Conran Shop has worked with some of the most influential designers in the world. From the gorgeous glass designs of Lee Broom to the industrial-chic pieces of Tom Dixon, the collection is diverse and exciting. Some standout designers featured at The Conran Shop include:

Lee Broom

Lee Broom is a British designer who has won numerous awards for his lighting designs. His work is a fusion of traditional and modern styles, marrying classic materials like crystal with contemporary shapes and structures. His Carousel collection, available at The Conran Shop, features beautiful glass orbs suspended in mid-air.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one of the most recognizable names in contemporary lighting design. His work is bold, industrial, and often has an almost sculptural quality. His Melt collection features stunning glass balls that are textured and distorted, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

The Conran Shop values environmental sustainability, which is why they are committed to working with designers who share their values. This has led to an impressive collection of eco-friendly lighting options, made from natural materials and designed to last.

Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch is a London-based design studio that creates beautiful, minimalist lighting. Their pieces are made from sustainable materials like solid brass, smoked bronze, and matte black steel. Their heritage-inspired machined lamps are beautiful and eco-friendly.


Umage is a Scandinavian design company that creates lighting pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable. Their lighting pieces are made from natural materials like feathers and shells, making them a stunning addition to any eco-conscious home.

The Conran Shop Experience

Shopping at The Conran Shop is about more than just buying beautiful items. The stores themselves are designed to be an immersive experience, with a carefully curated selection of products that span furniture, homeware, and lighting. The staff at The Conran Shop are knowledgeable and passionate about design, making the shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

One of the most exciting things about The Conran Shop is their ability to constantly innovate and showcase new designers. The lighting department is no exception, with new and exciting pieces being added to the collection all the time.


The Conran Shop is a true leader in the world of contemporary design, and their lighting collections are no exception. The emphasis on innovation, quality, and sustainability has led to some truly stunning pieces that will add style and sophistication to any space. By shopping at The Conran Shop, you’re not just buying beautiful pieces – you’re supporting a brand that is committed to ethical and sustainable design.

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