Tips For Choosing Table Lamp Hardware

table lamp hardware

A table lamp, also called a bedside lamp, is an important part of your home décor. It provides general illumination and can be used as a task light or to illuminate specific areas of a desk. In addition, many modern lamps include USB ports and touch controls for controlling power and dimmers.

The right table lamp hardware can make a big difference in how your lamp looks and works. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the perfect hardware for your lighting project.

Matching Colors & Finishes

When choosing a lamp, try to match the color and finish of the base to that of the table on which it sits. You may want to opt for a metal lamp rather than a wood or glass one if the table is dark, or vice versa.

If you are unsure of what colors and finishes will look best, do a quick Internet search for “table lamp and table” or “bedroom table lamps” to get a feel for what styles will work well in your space.

Shade Size & Width:

A good rule of thumb is that the shade should be no wider than the base. This helps the lamp to appear more balanced and prevents it from swaying in a room. It also helps the lamp stand up more evenly and prevents it from being knocked over by guests.


While a lamp should not be taller than the table on which it is set, it should be short enough to allow you to rest your hand on the table when sitting down. You should also be able to see the bottom of the shade when you are seated.

Floor Versions:

Depending on the style of your lamp, it can be difficult to determine whether a floor version should be taller than a table lamp. Some floor lamps, such as torchieres and arc lamps, can be as tall as 36 inches, but they should be kept within a few inches of the top of the table.

In most cases, floor versions are a good choice for bedrooms, since they allow you to keep your hands on the table when you are laying down. In addition, they can be useful for illuminating the bottom of an armchair or couch when reading a book or magazine.


If you have a bedroom with an open floor plan, a floor lamp can provide additional task lighting, as well as a soft glow to accent the ceiling light fixtures and wall sconces. You can use a dimmer switch to control the brightness of the light, and some models come with storage compartments for storing books, pens or other small items.

The most important consideration is if you will be using the lamp for light or as a decoration piece. If you will be using it to highlight a decorative element, such as artwork, it is more important to select the right size and shape for this function.

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