Tom Dixon’s Ex Display: A Look into the World of Unique Design Pieces


When it comes to one-of-a-kind, statement-making home decor pieces, the name Tom Dixon often comes to mind. The British designer is known for his innovative, sculptural designs that blur the lines between art and functional furniture. One way to experience Dixon’s creations is through his ex display collection, a limited selection of showroom floor samples that have been gently used and are now available for sale at a discounted price. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Tom Dixon’s ex display pieces and explore what makes them so unique.

The Concept Behind Ex Display

The concept of ex display is simple: Dixon and his team create a limited number of showroom floor samples to display to clients and interested buyers. Once a piece has been on display for a certain period of time, it is moved out of the showroom and replaced with a new design. These ex display pieces are then made available for purchase, offering a chance to own a unique and previously showcased Tom Dixon design.

Sustainability and Ex Display

One key factor that makes the ex display collection appealing is the sustainability aspect. By re-selling previously displayed pieces, the company is reducing waste and environmental impact. Rather than discarding furniture after it has served its purpose on the showroom floor, the ex display program gives these pieces a second life, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting conscious consumerism.

What Makes Ex Display Pieces Unique

Aside from their sustainability value, ex display pieces have a distinct character that sets them apart from brand new designs. First and foremost, these pieces have been subjected to daily showroom use, allowing them to develop a unique patina that tells a story of their past. Imperfections that come with gentle use and minimal wear and tear add to the overall charm and character of the piece.

In addition to cosmetic differences, ex display pieces may also include features that differ from the standard design. For example, the company may have experimented with different materials or color combinations for the showroom display, leading to a unique variation of the original design.

The Ex Display Collection

The ex display collection features a diverse range of Tom Dixon designs, from lighting fixtures to furniture pieces to home accessories. The selection is constantly changing as new showroom samples become available for purchase. Some notable items from the ex display collection include:

Melt Surface Light

The Melt Surface Light was originally designed in collaboration with Swedish electro-pop band Little Dragon. The light fixture features a mesmerizing distorted shape that resembles a metallic soap bubble. In the ex display collection, the Melt Surface Light is available in several color options, including silver, gold, and copper.

Wingback Chair

One of the most iconic Tom Dixon furniture designs, the Wingback Chair is a contemporary take on a classic form. The chair boasts a high backrest and curved wings for maximum comfort, covered in luxurious fabric options such as cashmere and velvet. In the ex display collection, the chair is available in unique fabric and leather options not available in the standard collection.

Plum Collection

The Plum Collection deserves its place in the ex display collection as its unique features make it a standout amongst its counterparts. The collection boasts wide radial edges providing an attractive characteristic. It’s strikingly crafted into a unique brutalist style, amorphous shape with his trademark thick gauge, laser-cut edges mimicking the irregularity of plums’ natural form.


Tom Dixon’s ex display collection offers a unique opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or home decor designed by one of the industry’s most acclaimed designers. The collection offers a chance to bring home a unique and previously showcased item that has been gently used and offers a new lease of life with its charming story. Plus, the sustainability factor offers an added benefit for conscious consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The changing selection of ex display pieces ensures that there is always something new to discover in the world of Tom Dixon.

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