The Art Deco Design and Functionalism of the Bellhop Lamp


The Bellhop Lamp, also known as the “Pheasant Lamp,” was designed by Danish artist and silversmith Sigvard Bernadotte in 1933. This iconic piece of Art Deco design has become a true classic and has been sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The Bellhop Lamp is celebrated not only for its elegant aesthetics but for its functionalism, making it a highly desirable piece of lighting for any home.

History of the Bellhop Lamp

Sigvard Bernadotte designed the Bellhop Lamp as part of a series of lighting fixtures for the Swedish company, AB Nordiska Kompaniet. This company specialized in high-quality craftsmanship and design, and Bernadotte was commissioned to create a range of lighting fixtures for them.

The Bellhop Lamp was an immediate success and quickly became one of the most sought-after items in the series. Made from brass and painted with black enamel, the Bellhop Lamp had a sleek and modern look that appealed to many people. The shape of the base was inspired by the art deco style, and the lampshade resembled the crest of a pheasant, which is how it received the nickname “Pheasant Lamp.”

Design Features of the Bellhop Lamp

The Bellhop Lamp stands at 11 inches tall and has a base diameter of 5.5 inches. The lampshade is made from metal, and the base is made from brass. The lampshade has a distinctive shape that is reminiscent of a pheasant’s crest, which adds to the lamp’s unique look. The black enamel finish also adds to the beauty of the Bellhop Lamp.

Another notable feature of the Bellhop Lamp is its functionalism. The lamp can be adjusted to different heights, making it ideal for use on a desk, table, or bedside table. The lampshade can also be rotated, allowing the user to direct the light in any direction they choose. This makes the Bellhop Lamp a versatile and practical lighting solution.

The Legacy of the Bellhop Lamp

Since its debut in 1933, the Bellhop Lamp has become an iconic piece of lighting design. Its sleek and modern look, combined with its functionalism, has made it a timeless classic that remains relevant to this day. The Bellhop Lamp has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and it is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

The Bellhop Lamp has also inspired a range of contemporary lighting designs, showing that its influence extends beyond its own time. Many modern lighting designers take inspiration from the Bellhop Lamp’s elegant design and functionalism, striving to create their own timeless pieces.

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